My name is Kim, and I been at Grace House for almost 5 months. Prior to coming here I was living in Southern California where I have lived the majority of my 56 years. I had relapsed after having a couple of years of sobriety, and managed to ruin everything in my life. I lost my job, my truck, and my home. My children, family and friends had finally had enough of my broken promises to stay sober. I came to a point where I just did not want to continue living. It was then that the miracle happened. Through a series of events God used specific people to help get to me to Montana where I detoxed from alcohol. I interviewed for placement at Grace House and settled in in less than a week. I was immediately immersed into classes, work experience, bible studies, church attendance, and daily devotions and worship in just a short amount of time, I have grown closer in my relationship with God than ever before, learning to hear his voice and see him work by his Holy Spirit. I am beginning to see my value as a person in God’s Kingdom, as well as my identity in Christ Jesus. God has begun restoring my relationship with my children and I can’t wait to see what he will do in the months to come.
#WeAreStrongerTogether #HopeRescueMission