Meet Mel, 88 years old, and homeless in Montana…

As a baker and a cook for 30 years, Melvin’s always worked with his hands. With the minimal Social Security Mel gets each month, it’s left him in a place to choose homelessness — he’s been camping for the past three years. Melvin is an amazing man who has had some rough times and lived through a horrible season in his life. But no matter the circumstantial evidence, he’s not a lost soul or one of the forgotten. His joy is contagious and it’s our joy to help Melvin (and continue to help him) in meeting his daily needs while working toward a more permanent solution.  Mel’s story is symbolic of hundreds of others like him in our region.  Will you partner with us to Help People, Restore Hope and Change Lives?

Homeless people weren't always homeless -- the majority of us are just a paycheck or two away from being in Mel's shoes.

Many homeless people want to get back on their feet.

The rivers and mountains aren't the only reason we live here. Montana has heart. People like Mel have stories -- and often it is not too difficult to see ourselves in pieces of those stories.

Meet Lynsie and Jessalyn

Five years ago Lynsie had a good life. She had a great home, a good job, a car, and two beautiful sons. That was all about to change though. Her new boyfriend was a meth user. It didn’t take long for Lynsie to be talked into trying it. What started as occasional use...

Meet David

David lived a nomadic life. He traveled coast to coast, wherever his feet or a bus would take him. He had even been in prison. One day, he found himself in Missoula where he came across 549-HOPE. The on call coordinator scheduled a time for David to connect with...

Danielle and her daughter

Danielle was desperate. She was on the verge of suicide. She had been abused, faced addiction, endured trauma and grief. She thought things would have changed when she met and fell in love with a good man, but his life was cut short in a car accident. She had to hold...

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