"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

– Gandhi

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Truth is truth.

Ghandi’s quote is the perfect picture of truth; that Truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ… the One who came to live His life in the service of others.  He served ALL of mankind, in truth, by the Spirit, going about doing good.  And in the end, He gave His life as a ransom, in the service of everyone on the earth. And that fact is so that all who would believe in “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” would be made right with our Creator, Father God, through His sacrifice.  That’s a TRUTH which has forever changed (and still changes) the world as we know it.

“We are a Volunteer driven, staff supported Rescue Mission.
We love our Volunteers!”

Job Opportunity


Daily Hope Thrift Botique responsiblilites will be conducted by the Sales Associate.  The repsonsbilities include warm & friendly customer service, receiving gracious donations, covering the cash register and working directly with the Store Manager. Sales Associate Staff will be there to provide information, assistance and reassurance to customers of the Hope Thrift Botique. Maintaining a friendly and welcoming store for patrons and donations.

Please email boutique@hopemontana.org with your application, resume and cover leter to apply.


Daily operations for The Grace House will be conducted by Peer Support Team Member with Hope Rescue Mission. Peer Support Staff will be there to provide oversight, assistance, and reassurance to participants of Grace House, relating as a sister in Christ, maintaining a safe atmosphere within the Shelter structure while speaking truthfully with love.
Please email wcdirector@hopemontana.org with your application, resume and cover leter to apply.

Job Opportunity


TSOS BHPSS is responsible for providing comprehensive, confidential, and professional support to guests of the TSOS, and must be a team player capable of assisting the TSOS Site Director and other staff in duties, as required by the Site Director. Professionally handle sensitive issues. TSOS BHPSS must comply with the Values of Hope Rescue Mission and work within the Mission Statement of Hope Rescue Mission and BHPSS code of ethics.
Please email outreach@hopemontana.org with your application, resume and cover leter to apply.

Send us your questions about volunteering



What type of volunteer opportunities does Hope Rescue Mission have available?

Opportunities start out in two arenas: 1) One time/occasional: One time might be outreach to those who are experiencing homelessness; bringing love, hope and relationship while meeting some basic daily needs. It could also be the various projects the Mission may have at any given time; such as cooking, painting, cleaning, etc.  2) Regular:  This could be the volunteer who serves weekly, either processing donations at our Hope Thrift Boutique or helping in an administrative way, such as office work or even taking calls and messages for 549-HOPE, our central call center for people who are in need.

What type of time commitment is involved in volunteering at Hope Rescue Mission?

Time commitment can fall into two arenas: 1) The one time occasional commitment: This could be the outreach event that happens on a specific day and requires several hours, or a project related time commitment  2) Regular: Hours

Does the company I work for donate the equivalent of my work wages for the hours I volunteer?

In this day and age many organizations encourage, or even require, employees to volunteer somewhere in the communities they are in.  And yes, companies can donate the equivalent of the volunteer’s  work wage to Hope Rescue Mission in lieu of your service to others.  Contact us for more info to set it up.

Can volunteering turn into a paid position?

Yes! there are many stories within our Mission where a volunteer has become a staff member.  Volunteering is our primary goal though, because we are a volunteer driven, staff supported organization.  Why?  We believe that every healthy, vibrant life is marked by some form of service to others… so we endeavor to focus on creating opportunities to empower people to do that very thing.  We even have a phrase for it, “Get Your Serve On!”™

How do I get my serve on?

The process is…  1)  Fill out an application; available online or at our Hope Thrift Boutique (702 SW Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT);   2)  Someone will call you back and go over the application with you;   3)  Attend a Volunteer Orientation;  4)  A Staff member, from the area you are wanting to serve in, will contact you… and you can start to “Get Your Serve On!”™