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Rebuilding Broken Lives

Your brokenness is welcome here

Rebuilding Broken Lives…  On the wall in the dinning room it reads, “Your brokenness is welcome here.”  This is a phrase which points to our heart; restoration is the focus and Jesus is the foundation! 

Here at the Women and Children’s Center (WCC) we offer a long-term, free recovery program for women dealing with overwhelming personal issues such as addiction, domestic violence, or a criminal history. 

Recognizing that permanent change starts at the heart level, these programs address the underlying thoughts, feelings and beliefs that drive destructive behavior.  At the center, women and their children find healing for their brokenness as well as the tools and direction they need to live in the freedom Jesus offers. 

Our hope is to show our guests the love of God through His Son —

“Darkness cannot drive darkness out; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”   ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a few of the questions we get asked regularly by those in search of help. 

Will I be able to see my family in the 12 months I am in program?
Yes. approved family members will be able to come to the center for visitation during allotted visiting times. After 3 months into program you will also be able to apply for passes to visit approved family members outside the Center.
Will the program help me get the documents I need to become employed?

Yes. Our program is set up to have you begin working during the last semester of the program. We offer a work readiness course and case management that walks you through getting your Social Security card, birth certificate, photo id, resume, and anything else necessary to help you become employed.

Do I have to be a believer to attend the program?
No. We are a faith based program that believes true freedom is found in Christ. Our only requirement to attend is a desire for a change in your life. Our heart is that all addicts find recovery.
Can I have my cell phone with me?

During the first six months of program personal cell phones are not allowed. A house phone is provided so phone access is still available.

What is the cost of the 12 month program?

The program is free of charge to our guests. We are 100% supported by donations.

Equipped for Life

Sober living with healthy programs keeps the end goal in mind:  Living as a God-dependent, contributing member of society.  Chores, work therapy, vocational education and practicum prepare women to provide for themselves and their children.

WCC aftercare offers weekly support, mentoring and other resources to help people maintain a healthy, balanced and successful life after moving out. 

Women & Children’s Center
Phone: (406) 549-HOPE (4673)
Director:  DeNae Hammonds
Program Manager:  Holly Becker
Email Us At:

Rebuilding Through Faith

To apply to the program

Complete the application:

Use the application button for a printable form.
Fill out, complete and return…
Your application will be reviewed and an interview will follow.

Interviews make sure the applicant is a good fit for the program…
Available space in the WCC for you (and your children)
will be a consideration as well.

No personal transportation is allowed on site…
The WCC provides scheduled transportation
for guests accepted into the program.

This is a cooperative living arrangement in which
program participation and house rules apply.

Return the application:

By email to  or
By fax to (406) 549-0929
Attn: WCC Director/Asstistant Director

Applications can also be dropped off
in person at our Hope Thrift Boutique

Call  (406) 203-3365

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by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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