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Financial support

Hope Rescue Mission has a vast pool of resources to help the homeless, the addicted, and the recovering right here in Missoula. But we can’t do it alone — we rely on the help of our generous Missoula neighbors to make a difference.


It really does take a community to raise those who are struggling out of despair. Our caring volunteers help in countless ways to restore hope to those who need it most, and in so doing, create positive change. 

Have you heard about the temporary SOS space for the homeless?

Want to help? Your donation goes a long way!
Text STAYSAFE to 41444 to donate or:

Have you heard about the temporary SOS space for the homeless?

Want to help? Your donation goes a long way!
Text STAYSAFE to 41444 to donate or:

Want to help?

Hope Rescue Mission is looking to hire Outreach team members to work on location. The employment application is below. Please submit all applications to

“I am fortunate to have kept my job during the pandemic, so I don’t need the stimulus check the government is sending. Enclosed please find that $600.00 for you to use on the TSOS. I am grateful for your work to help those in need.”

Regards Tracy

Want more information?

Follow the link below to read complete information about the SOS Space on Missoula County’s website.

Outdoor homeless shelter in Missoula needing donations

By: Tessa Nadeau ABC FOX Montana
By now, most of Montanans experienced harsh temperatures.
(Sent from ABC FOX KTMF)
Josephine called in needing rental assistance in the amount of $1,200.00.She and her husband were staying at a hotel that is currently transitioning into apartment space. She explained her situation and how she was working, but she needed to stop due to illness. We asked her to obtain a lease agreement from her landlord and then we would proceed from there. This client, even though she struggled with cancer, still worked side by side with us to reach out for assistance. Her stamina to fill out forms and bring in items requested was amazing. She did not give up as we worked through the small steps needed to reach the goal of obtaining rental assistance for her. Through all of this, she wrote out a very detailed story of why she needed assistance from. Since she did not have access to the internet, we typed the story for her and together we were able to obtain $800.00 to pay towards her rent. The remaining amount was covered by 549-HOPE and our church partners. Through this process, we were also able to do an assessment that will determine where she will be approved for permanent housing. We are proud of Josephine and know God has much in storefor her!!

Brittany came to us asking for help with $1,100.00 in rent. Brittany was new to Missoula and she was desiring a new start in life. She had just obtained employment. She had just finished treatment and entered into sober living with a facility. Brittany was very productive in finding work and completing applications, one of which was a non-profit that awarded her $600.00 toward her rent. 549-HOPE and our church partners split the remaining amount of $400.00.She was very grateful for all of the help and continues to work hard in her recovery.



Outreach Needs

Help People...

$43.80 — provides 15 meals plus needed supplies

  • $$ Donate Monthly to help meet people’s needs
  • Volunteers (We need YOU! Because we are a volunteer driven organization.)
  • Become a part of our Awareness Team (Help us tell people about what we get to do!)
  • Mentors (People need those who care; those who can teach)

Restore Hope...

$100 — provides meals plus warm, dry shelter solutions

  • Fuel cards $15 each (1x=$15; 1 month = $60; 3 months = $180)
  • Food gift cards (for specific needs that food banks can not meet *only food item cards)
  • Green Propane Bottles
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags

Change Lives!

$150 — translates to meals plus shelter plus a transformative path forward

  • Winter Clothing
  • Adult Backpacks
  • Straight Talk phone cards ($35 value)

Job Opportunity


Daily Hope Thrift Botique responsiblilites will be conducted by the Sales Associate.  The repsonsbilities include warm & friendly customer service, receiving gracious donations, covering the cash register and working directly with the Store Manager. Sales Associate Staff will be there to provide information, assistance and reassurance to customers of the Hope Thrift Botique. Maintaining a friendly and welcoming store for patrons and donations. Please email with your resume to apply.


Daily operations for The Grace House will be conducted by Peer Support Team Member with Hope Rescue Mission. Peer Support Staff will be there to provide oversight, assistance, and reassurance to participants of Grace House, relating as a sister in Christ, maintaining a safe atmosphere within the Shelter structure while speaking truthfully with love. Please email with your resume to apply.

Hope Outreach Encampment Clean-up Project

Hope Outreach Encampment Clean-up Project

Are you ready to… 

Get Your Give On?

Whether you give financially, volunteer or donate to our Hope Thrift Boutique, you are helping someone get their life back.

Your monetary donations make our work possible

Time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give through volunteering

Our Hope Thrift Boutique generates revenue for our missions

We also accept donations of needed items (please see list below)

Cash Donations by Mail

Donating checks is a simple as mailing to:
Hope Rescue Mission of Missoula
PO Box 306
Missoula, MT 59806

Food and Hygiene Items

Items can be taken to the
Hope Thrift Boutique at
​702 SW Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT

Clothing & Household Goods

Please deliver items to the 
Hope Thrift Boutique at
702 SW Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT

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We partner with Western Montana to serve, rescue, and transform those in need, by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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