My name is Melody. I was hopelessly addicted, shooting up meth and living in the bushes outside, homeless. I was a loner. I did not trust anyone. I did meth all of the time. I lost control of myself and put myself in dangerous situations. People took advantage of me. I was living for me, but it was not the life I wanted. I ran away from reality. I didn’t want to use meth anymore or be constantly terrified and exhausted. I wanted to get better and feel safe. God intervened and brought me to the Grace House. I didn’t know about Grace House but God brought me here and has given me everything I needed to heal from the pain I felt from what I had experienced. God works all things out for good to those who love him, and I love him. I love him because he loved me first. He wants me. He will never leave me. He has done a miracle in me here at Grace House.